Combining digital (social media, devices, machines) with equilibrium (one of my favourite words meaning balance) and boundaries – all based on intention

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Hi, I’m Leigh-Chantelle, the person behind Digital Equilibrium.

What sets me apart is my extensive experience with technology and communication, particularly in the marketing, advertising and content creation areas online, and experience with public speaking, consulting, presenting, and online courses.

I am known for my ability to translate academic understanding into applied and strategic approaches, bringing academic learning to consumers and organisations.

My exceptional communication, organisational, and leadership skills are well-known, as are my networking ability, professionalism, and ability to express concepts in an easy-to-understand, professional and accessible way.

I enjoy sharing my passions and expertise to educate and empower more conscious and mindful technology decisions in various ways, including education, training, consulting, online courses, seminars, and presentations for businesses, schools, universities, events, and corporations.

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Background Information

Leigh-Chantelle is passionate about cyberpsychology, cybersecurity, and digital wellbeing, particularly mindful and conscious use of technology. She graduated with a Bachelor of Psychology (first-class Honours) in December 2020 and, since February 2021, is undertaking her PhD on autonomous vehicles and blockchain technologies. She is a digital wellness educator, university tutor, and aims to be a lecturer in cyberpsychology.

She is an international speaker, consultant, presenter, and published author. She shares her vision for the future, more conscious choices improving the way we communicate, what we prioritise, and where we spend our time, energy, and money. She believes in constancy, lifelong learning, and leading by example to enact these changes.

Leigh-Chantelle worked for over two decades in online marketing, advertising, content creation, and social media, implementing large-scale, long-term campaigns for various clients. She believes that this experience encouraged her to move beyond the how and into the why. Leigh-Chantelle is a vegan veteran known for helping bring awareness of veganism into the mainstream with her organisational and leadership skills. For over two decades, she created and nurtured vegan communities on and offline, ran various not-for-profits (including her environmental awareness Green Earth Group), organised and promoted various large and small festivals, speaking tours, and events.

Her focus is on becoming a lecturer in the fledging field of cyberpsychology, which combines two of her favourite things: technology and looking into why we behave, think, and feel certain ways. Leigh-Chantelle is driven to understand how new online social practices have changed how we interact and communicate with others. For example, what we share about ourselves, our reliance on technologies designed to addict us and amplify our actions, and how these aspects impact what we purchase, content we consume, and the way we vote in elections.

Research & Teaching

As of February 2021, Leigh-Chantelle is undertaking her PhD on autonomous vehicles and blockchain technologies at Griffith University, Australia. You can READ her original proposal (September 2020) here.

She is a PhD research candidate of the Cities Research Institute and Institute for Integrated and Intelligence Systems.

Leigh-Chantelle is also a Sessional Tutor for undergraduate students at Griffith University in the following subjects:
Interpersonal Skills (Trimester 1)
Positive Psychology (Trimester 2)
Group Facilitation and Coaching Skills (Trimester 2)

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