Leigh-Chantelle is available for Consulting, Speaking, and Guest Lecturing engagements*

I enjoy sharing my passions and expertise to educate and empower more conscious and mindful technology decisions in various ways, including education, training, consulting, online courses, seminars, and guest lecturing for businesses, schools, universities, events, and corporations.

By translating academic understanding into an applied and strategic methodology, I bring academic learning to consumers and organisations. For example, consulting brainstorming sessions; designing, testing, assessing digital policies in organisations; translating the latest research into organisational practice; and modelling the best approaches to internal and external seminars, presentations, mini-lectures, and audio-visual components.

My areas of expertise are: cyberpsychology, cybersecurity, digital wellbeing, digital communication, and aspects from my Digital Equilibrium Approach.

  • Digital Literacy
  • Worthwhile Communication
  • Meaningful Interactions & Beneficial Relationships
  • Healthy Boundaries and Self-Care
  • Productivity
  • Mindful & Conscious Decision-Making
Some examples of topics include
  • Introduction to cyberpsychology
  • How technology influences the way we think, feel and behave
  • Introduction to cybersecurity
  • How your data can be used against you
  • Introduction to digital wellness
  • Finding balance with technology in our always-on culture
  • Making mindful decisions for technology use
  • Introduction to digital equilibrium: Creating lifelong, healthy digital habits
  • Digital wellness for our always-on culture
  • Digital wellness for professionals/teachers/students etc.

The DE Approach
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*Please be mindful that my PhD is my priority. However, I would love to work with you to help educate people about cyberpsychology and cybersecurity.